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Your Guide to Miromar Outlets in Estero, FL

Tiana Burgos
March 16, 2020

A preferred shopping destination, Miromar Outlets is a gigantic retail park with a choice of over 140 shops in Estero, Florida. Whether you are a fashion lover or you are looking for a new decor piece for your home, chances are that you will find just what your heart desires here. The outlets have been voted “best shopping center in Southwest Florida”. From brand name goods to top designer labels, the variety of choice is only one of the many appeals of the retail parks. Many household names also promise up to 70% off the high street price tag at their outlet stores! 

But if that isn’t enough to keep you entertained for days, you can also find a vast selection of restaurants, including steak and grill houses with top-quality USDA prime beef. Everyone needs to refuel after a shopping expedition at Miromar Outlets, and that’s what makes a day out at Estero retail park a winner for the whole family. 

Where is Miromar Outlets?

Located between Naples and Fort Myers, Florida, Miromar Outlets is easily reached by car from the surrounding towns. Situated at 10801 Corkscrew Road, in Estero, the stores park lies within minutes of Estero Center. For those staying in Naples, the retail park is around 30 minutes’ drive from town. If you are staying in one of our rental properties in Fort Myers, the journey is approximately the same duration, making the outlets an ideal spot for the area. If you’re traveling on the Interstate, I-75, take the exit 123 and follow Corkscrew Road / Miromar Outlets Boulevard. Locals remember the exit because finding Miromar Outlets is as easy as 1, 2, 3. It’s an as good mnemotechnic tip as it goes, and you’ll be glad to know that one if you’re driving around. 

If you’re traveling by plane, you’ll be pleased to know that the retail park is only one exit south of the closest airport, Southwest Florida International Airport. If you prefer to hop on a bus for $4.50, you can catch the line 50 bus at the airport towards Summerlin Square. You’ll have to change to the 240 bus at Bell Tower Drive / Bell Tower Shops Ave towards Coconut Pt. Take the connection to bus 60 at Tamiami Tri / Constitution Blvd towards San Carlos Park and get down at Ben Hill GRFN / Grande Oak Shops. You’re only a few minutes’ walk from the outlets. However, the bus trip is likely to take between 2 and 3 hours, so if you’re in a hurry, you may prefer to Uber across the interstate. 

An Uber or a taxi from the airport to the stores will get you there in less than 15 minutes. If you’re traveling light, you can start the day with a shopping trip before heading to your holiday home. What better way to get in the mood?

What Stores Are in Miromar Outlets?

What makes the retail center a favorite for every visitor is the abundance of stores that appeal to a variety of interests and demands. Miromar Outlets caters to the needs of the whole family, which includes different ages groups, products, and offers. As such, visitors can enjoy a vast choice declined through over 140 shops that provide a budget-friendly approach to shopping. 

A typical day at the outlets takes you through a variety of stores and public areas, such as:

  • Fashion stores from high street brands such as Gap to designers labels such as GUESS, including international brands at factory store prices
  • Jewelry and other fashion accessories
  • Shoes from athleisure wear to formal brand stores
  • High-quality beauty products
  • Home decor and furnishing items 
  • Children’s apparel from both high street stores and renowned designers, including Bloomingdale’s outlet for timeless quality classics
  • Safe and entertaining play areas for children 
  • A vast choice of restaurants and eateries within the retail park and in the vicinity to recharge your batteries
  • Plenty of events, both for kids and shoppers

Miromar Outlets are perfect for anybody who wants a change of interior style or wardrobe without breaking the bank. There are so many options available that you are guaranteed to find something with your name on it! Chances are you will find several items at a bargain price, and you will be left wondering how to carry everything back home! But, what makes the outlets a great day out for the family is the diversity of amenities and services, not only when it comes to stores, but also relaxing spots for kids and shoppers who need a break. 

Brand Name Stores at Miromar Outlets

The potential of grabbing a brand label up to 70% off its retail price keeps visitors flowing to Miromar Outlets. Shoppers are faced with a vast choice of brand names, from high street stores to top designers at factory price. Needless to say, if you want to buy the latest collection without breaking the bank, the outlets center provides a valuable alternative to the typical eBay hunt for discounted used items. There you can find your favorite brands at a wallet-friendly cost without worrying about potential damages that don’t appear on the seller’s photos. Miromar Outlets is all about new and unused items in top quality at the best possible price. 

Empowering fashion brands, such as The Worth Collection and Ann Taylor, share the space with everyday brand stores, such as Gap and H&M. Those who are looking for an athletic and sporty casual look will love the choice of brands, ranging from Adidas, Puma, Reebok to Under Armour, and Vans. Specialist apparel stores such as Salt Life combine functional clothing and fashion to make the most of your day out at the beach. But if an active day out isn’t your thing, you can head to True Religion to find your new favorite denim or add some bold color to your outfit with a Desigual top. Women, men, and kids can enjoy a huge choice of fashion brands. You can be sure to make your Pinterest fashion board come true at Miromar Outlets! 

But don’t let fashion stores steal the show. There is a lot more to discover and explore at the Estero retail park. You’ll find a lot of organic and specialist beauty stores, including the favorite of age-conscious beauties, Adore Organic Innovation, which takes years off your face in seconds! Fragrance and jewelry collections also hold a preferred place in the heart of Miromar’s shoppers. If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring to surprise your belle, there is no better place than the Helzberg Diamonds Outlet for quality, knowledge, and design. 

In other words, whether you are shopping for a new outfit, a ring, or an exciting cookware set, Miromar Outlets lets you reboot your lifestyle in an instant with many items at compelling factory costs. There’s a saying that goes among the locals; they say that you can transform your life after spending a single day at Estero shopping park. We leave it to you to verify the accuracy of their words! But, one thing is for sure, we have only heard positive and empowering shopping anecdotes about Miromar Outlets! 

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Miromar Outlets Events

It’s fair to say that Miromar Outlets is a lot more than a large-scale shopping mall. There are over 140 stores, but there is also a lot more to experience for visitors who need a break from the shopping spree. Indeed, there are plenty of events that are worth checking, both for short-term visitors and even long-term residents. Aside from the seasonal sales and price tags events, which you can follow on the Miromar Outlets website under the Offers section, the retail park has made a point of creating a lively space for all visitors. As such, there is always something exciting to do. 

For visitors and locals, Estero retail park is a center of activities and discoveries that runs a busy schedule:

  1. Every Wednesday from 10 AM to 12 PM, parents can take their kids to the Free Kids Crafts play organized at the WINK Playland. It’s the perfect morning out for young kids who can learn new skills and explore the potential of crafting. Besides, regular visitors also get a gift card to use in the stores at Miromar Outlets after the fifth visit. For busy mommies who need a morning off during the week, it’s a fantastic event that is not to be missed! 
  2. Future and new mommies can meet at the Baby Boot Camp 4 mornings a week from 9 to 10 AM at the WINK Playland, where they can learn how to get fit. The fitness classes are not only completely free, but they are also taught by professional instructors who understand exactly what pregnant women and new mothers are going through. Besides, is there any better way to network with other mommies? 
  3. For women who want to get on with their fitness routine but don’t know where to start, the early fitness camp at the WINK Playland runs 3 times a week between 6 and 7 AM. If you’ve got a busy day afterward, it’s a great way to boost your energy with fitness professionals. 
  4. Life entertainments are also a thing. Miromar Outlets has plenty of live shows and concerts throughout the year, so it’s always a good idea to check what’s going on. 
  5. Keep your eyes on collection presentations and display shows that run regularly. It’s an excellent way for brands to introduce their latest designs. Helzberg Diamonds, for instance, organizes a full day trunk show to showcase the unique pieces of the Alberto Collection this year on March 14. 
  6. You can also join charity events and social awareness activities, such as the Best Buddies Friendship Walk on April 18, which is a national event that is also supported by Miromar Outlets. Participants can join for free and seize the opportunity to make new friends in the process! 

The retail park is a fantastic place for the whole family. With a variety of events throughout the year, there is no excuse to be bored, whether you’re an adult or a child. More importantly, for young parents, the WINK Playland area has a lot of free activities that help families to bond and relax. You don’t need to be a professional shopper to find something you’ll love doing and meet new people at Estero outlets. 

Miromar Outlets Entertainment

Everybody knows that you can’t spend an entire day walking from a store to the next one. You need to rest and relax to recharge your batteries. More importantly, if you’re shopping with the kids or your partner, you will need to schedule some time off for the people in your family who don’t enjoy shopping as much as you do. Everybody has different needs and interests, and Miromar Outlets is doing a great job of making sure that visitors can stay entertained even if they didn’t come to shop.

As mentioned above, the mall runs plenty of events, including live entertainment shows. In February this year, visitors who stopped in the restaurant Piazza enjoyed an intimate guitar concert by national Slide Guitar Champion, Kraig Kenning. The man has often been compared to the likes of Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, and Jackson Browne, to name but a few, which can make his appearance at a small venue surprising. But Kenning has always been one who wants to connect to his audience and playing at the Miromar Outlets lets him do just that. Don’t fret if you’ve missed him. There are many more live entertainment shows running throughout the year. Besides, Kenning is guaranteed to be back! 

Kids also have a chance to relax in the mall. The award-winning WINK Playland is a great fun area that provides plenty of exercise and exploration for energetic children. Climbing walls are also a much-loved sports zone for young climbers of all levels – and a lot of playful adults too. Parents can also book a party package for kids that includes rock climbing and food. But, you’ve been warned: The FunWalls are not just for kids, after all! 

Miromar Outlets Restaurants 

How many calories do you burn when you spend a day shopping at the mall? It’s hard to tell, but the truth is that your shopping adventure is an extraordinary cardiovascular workout. If you’re thinking of walking, you’re right. The average shopper covers several miles to visit their favorite stores. And that goes without adding the calories burned through carrying your shopping bags, looking for the best deals, and playing with the kids in the Playland. In short, you can’t make it through the day without an energy-boosting break at one of the local restaurants. 

You will find plenty of delicious dining options, including a lite bite on the go or a casual brunch with friends. If you’re looking for something easy and yummy, you’ve got a lot of choices to replenish your energy in Miromar Outlets. 

  • Ford’s Garage
  • Naples Flatbread
  • The Llama’s House
  • La Bamba
  • Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse
  • Etc.

As you can see, there is plenty from you to choose from, depending on your food preference or even how hungry you feel at the time. Don’t forget to check the live entertainments at the mall if you want to dine in music! 

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Naples Flatbread Kitchen & Bar

The restaurant is a testimony to a healthy lifestyle. First Blue Zone-approved restaurant in Estero, the Naples Flatbread Kitchen & Bar in Miromar Outlets is the top choice for shoppers who are looking for nutritional alternatives that don’t sacrifice on flavors. It’s hard to imagine that dishes that taste that good is also good for your body, but the truth is that the restaurant is dedicated to encouraging healthier lifestyle choices. Every little change can make a big difference, and that’s why the NFB restaurant has a large offer of dishes that support your health. 

Bold savors and nothing fried, that’s the promise the restaurant makes to its customers. They also serve a delicious cauliflower crust pizza in the gluten-free menu that is a recurring order, even for customers who are not gluten intolerant. When healthy is that yummy, there’s no reason not to indulge a little on a day out. For a healthy-packed lunch, try their Southwest quinoa bowl that combines black beans, peppers, and corn for an explosion of flavors and vitamins. Besides, they also have a children’s menu and a small bites menu to put a smile on picky eaters’ faces! You’ll find the restaurant not far from the Koi pond in the mall. 

La Bamba

Bold, authentic, and unapologetically Mexican, La Bamba has been part of Naples’ food history for over 20 years. The Founder, Giuseppe Rinaldi, is an Italian chef who embraces the diversity of Mexican food and combines it with his upbringing as a cook. The result is a menu that emphasizes fresh ingredients and flavors. For the locals of Naples, Florida, it was a joy to discover that the son of Giuseppe runs the La Bamba restaurant in the mall, while dad himself is back at a Naples location since November 2019. Good food is a family business, and it’s something customers have learned to recognize. 

You will find La Bamba at the Restaurant Piazza inside the mall. If you’re in luck, you might even attend a live music show while enjoying some of their specialties: 

  • Taco Salads that are served in a taco shell with fresh cilantro, tomatoes, greens, onions, cheese. 
  • The seafood platters, or Fruta del Mar, which is an assortment of seasonal catch, clams, mussels, scallops, and shrimps, sauteed in a delicious garlic white wine and cilantro lime sauce. 
  • Their grilled chicken perfection served with crispy fries and a fresh home salad.
  • Don’t be shy and try one of the hangover specials that combine all the flavors of the Mexican cuisine on a plate – our favorite is the yummy Chilaquiles with chicken. 

If you are feeling especially adventurous, you might want to accompany your meal with one of their handcrafted Margaritas cocktails. The Melon, Lime, and Mint Margarita is deliciously refreshing in summer. 

Wasabi Japanese Steak House & Sushi Lounge

It’s a happy coincidence for visitors that the Japanese Steak House is so close to the koi pond. You need to find your inner peace to experience this genuinely authentic Japanese adventure to the fullest. The menu features a vast selection of hand-rolled sushi but also traditionally cooked and prepared favorites such as steak teriyaki and beef negimaki. 

If you are going to indulge in a freshly prepared plate of sushi, but you’re not sure whether the kids would like it, the Wasabi Japanese Steak House & Sushi Lounge is the perfect mix of flavors. You can order your sushi sashimi while the kids settle on a chicken tempura meal. It’s worth keeping an eye on their menu because the restaurant often has limited time specials that take customers through a tour of Japan. 

The Llama’s House Bar and Grill

Situated on the southern side of the mall among a series of fashion stores and accessories shops, the Llama’s House Bar and Grill is the first restaurant in an area of Miromar Outlets that doesn’t yet have any other food choices. But, truth be told, even if there were other restaurants around, you would probably be tempted to explore the Insta-worthy interior of the Llama’s House, which encourages you to be Llamazing. 

It doesn’t take longer than a few seconds to fall in love with the loud and bold Peruvian-inspired style of the place. Be prepared to be revived and inspired by the food, regardless of what you choose. The restaurant offers a fusion-based approach to cuisine, but the intense focus is Peruvian food, which many customers don’t know well. 

There are some definite favorites among first-time visitors, including the Leche de Tigre, which is their fried calamari served on top of a tangy ceviche marinade. If you are new to the ceviche world, you can also try their ceviche sampler that lets you taste three of their deliciously fresh snacks. It’s an explosion of flavors, and you are guaranteed to feel energized to carry on with your shopping for the rest of the day! 

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kate spade new york

Kate Spade New York is the iconic brand that celebrates optimistic femininity through the use of bright, bold, and fun handbags, along with jewelry, clothes, shoes, and other accessories. You will not only find your next favorite bag in the store. But we would be ready to bet that you might still leave the store with a new bag… and possibly a pair of shoes and perhaps some cute jewelry too! There’s such a rush of positive energy from the shop that it empowers women to make a stylish statement through a polished and playful look. 

What can you expect to find in the shop: 

  • The sweet, pastel-colors collection of handbags and wallets is an eye-catcher.
  • Glitter sneakers are the latest addition to the shoe collection, and they will rock your holiday outfits without compromising on comfort. 
  • The skinny scarves are the perfect alternative to fashionable ties that have taken over the catwalk shows. 
  • You can find an affordable smartwatch that will not clash with your work outfit. 

Confidence, youthful mind, and playfulness are the core traits of Kate Spade’s collection that shoppers will find opposite the Nike Factory Store in Miromar Outlets. Affordable accessories and fashion never go out of style, especially when it is designed with a great sense of care for details and colors. Let you get tempted by some of the blush spade handbags, which will elevate your outfit for a sophisticated look and feel. 

Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein store in the mall is no stranger to phenomenal offers and deals. It’s always a good idea to check the latest CK offers before you prepare for a day of shopping – you can find them on the Miromar Outlets site. From minimalist underwear to classic denim, lovers of the brand will find everything they need in the store. 

Opposite one of the koi ponds in the retail park, the Calvin Klein shop presents a vast collection of outfits, fragrance, and accessories for both men and women. They also keep an extensive selection of kids apparel, which can be a great excuse to surprise teens with the statement denim jacket of their dreams. Remember to keep your eyes open for some of their lesser-known accessories, such as the branded crossbody bags or the elegant glam watch that oozes with sleek sophistication. 

Now’s the perfect opportunity to buy the iconic CK logo shirt that will elevate your simple jeans and tee look. 

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Synonymous with classic and timeless styles, J. Crew never ceases to reinvent outfits through fabric technology, seasonal trends, or modern cut for heritage designs. As such, it remains a trusted brand across generations. Buying J. Crew is a promise of quality and elegance, but without losing any of your playfulness. The brand has always been committed to making you look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. 

Here is a brief list of the top favorite items for new shoppers: 

  1. Their fabulous denims are flattering and high quality. If you’re ready to jump on the latest flares and bootcut trend, do take the time to try their curvy cuts that are a customer-favorite!
  2. You should give a go to the suiting collection at J.Crew. Playful colors combined with classic cuts can elevate your workwear dramatically. J.Crew always has a lot of bold colors in store, so it’s worth trying out some suits. You’d be surprised to find that a bright orange or a bold pink is just the right thing to make you feel like a boss. 
  3. Cashmere jumpers and cardigans are a no brainer. They are lightweight, elegant, and pull together any outfit. If you’ve been looking for the perfect cashmere top, chances are you will find it at the J. Crew Factory. 

The Factory store guarantees its price commitment by offering customers a selection of exciting deals every day. With the promise of giving you the best possible style, the J. Crew team works hard to make the crewcuts Factory deals appealing to all their customers. Whether you’re looking for the latest swimwear fashion for your holiday or a romantic floral print to bring your denim outfit to the next level, you’ll find everything you need and a lot more at the store. 

Michael Kors

The award-winning designer of luxury accessories and ready-to-wear items, Michael Kors, established his company in 1981. The products include a collection of accessories, shoes, jewelry, outfits, wearable technology, and fragrance for men and women. Synonymous with timeless elegance, it’s always a treat for visitors to check the latest design in the store. 

You will find Michael Kors store just at the back of the Restaurant Piazza, next to La Bamba. Timeless patterns and luxury fabrics instantly elevate your look. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store

It’s precisely because nothing truly beats the casual elegance of a Polo Ralph Lauren blazer or shirt that the Factory Store exists. You will find a vast collection of styles for men, women, and children, as well as home accessories for exceptional values. Located just opposite Michael Kors, the Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store is easy to find and conveniently situated for anyone who wants a quick bite at the Restaurant Piazza. 

Fellow shoppers and brand enthusiasts agree on sophisticated buys. 

  • If you haven’t already, now’s the time to invest in a mesh branded polo shirt.
  • Their quality belts instantly pull your look together. 
  • Double-breasted blazers for women elevate your pants. 
  • Don’t shy away from their bold tie-dyes and sequin looks. 

Discover Estero on your Next Southwest Florida Vacation 

If you are heading towards the Fort Myers or Naples areas for your next holiday, chances are that you will be looking for things to do. Going shopping is a great way of spending a day out and getting to know the area. 

Our team of realtors at Royal Shell is more than happy to help you find the best rental property for your stay in Southwest Florida. We can also advise on the local restaurants, shops, and attractions to visit! Our local knowledge is what makes us a trusted ally for many holidaymakers! 

As such, we hope the guide to Miromar Outlets can give you a better insight into the many shopping, dining, and entertainment options in Estero. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find rentals in the vicinity of this vibrant retail park! 

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