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Your Guide to Bonita Springs Disc Golf

Tiana Burgos
March 18, 2020

One of the big advantages of a vacation in Florida is the chance to try something a little different, like Bonita Springs Disc Golf. Bonita Springs is found in southwest Florida and is known for its beautiful parks and beaches, including the secluded Bonita Beach Park. The area has lots of options for vacation activities, including swimming, kayaking, nature spotting, and the Disc Golf course. 

Disc Golf is a flying disc sport, in which players throw a disc at a target. The rules are similar to regular golf. Usually, the game is played on a course of 9 or 18 holes. The game is played by throwing a disc from a tee area towards a target, throwing again from the landing position of the disc until the target is reached. The player with the lowest number of throws wins. Disc Golf is played in 40 countries, and there are 53,336 active members of the PDGA worldwide. 

How Do You Play Disc Golf?

Disc Golf has a lot in common with the more traditional version of Golf. Disc Golf courses usually have 9 or 18 holes. Each hole has a tee position where play is started and a target some distance away. There are often obstacles between the tee and the hole, such as trees, hills, or areas of water. 

Each course is unique, so a different combination of throws will be needed to complete the course. The most skilled players aim to shape the flight of their disc to allow for distance, terrain, obstacles, and weather. 

There are several different throw styles in Disc Golf that can be used: 

  • Backhand, where the disc is rapidly drawn from across the front of the body and released forwards.
  • Forehand, where the disc is drawn from behind and across the front of the body, like a sidearm throw in baseball
  • Alternative throws, including the hatchet, thumber, roller, and the turbo-putt. 
  • Other alternative throws like the baseball, grenade, or overhand wrist flip. 

Scoring works in a similar way to golf. The main objective is to have the lowest number of throws possible. The same scorekeeping technique is used as in gold, with scores for a single hole including par, bogey, and a double bogey. 

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What is Needed to Play on the Bonita Springs Disc Golf Course?

To play Disc Golf, little specialist equipment is needed. Dress comfortably, in loose clothing and shoes you can walk in, as you might for golf. At the Bonita Springs Disc Golf course, there’s a Pro shop on-site in the recreation center, so you can invest in your own gear if you want to. Disc Golf discs are small and heavier than frisbees and are designed for control, speed, and accuracy. 

Most players use a range of discs for different throws:

  1. A driver has a sharp, beveled edge with most of their mass on the outer rim of the disc. They are designed to travel long distances at high speeds.
  2. Mid-range discs have a dull, beveled edge. They have more control than the drivers, but a smaller range. 
  3. A putter is similar to basic Frisbees. They are designed to fly straight and more slowly than drivers and mid-range discs. They are used for shots that require tighter control. 

The driver can be tricky for beginners, thanks to the throwing style needed. A mid-range disc can work better for beginners as they offer more control, and require less strength and technique to get them to fly in a straight line. 

The Bonita Springs Disc Golf Course

The Bonita Springs Disc Golf course is known as a small but enjoyable course. Established in 1997, the course has 18 holes spread out over most flat ground around a large pond. Some of the course is lightly wooded, so you get a few fun, natural obstacles as you play. 

The course begins around the pond, with some tight holes, before it opens out with play taking place in over sidewalks and roads. The park itself is mostly flat and very pretty, so you can enjoy the walk while you play as well.

The course is very cart friendly if you prefer not to walk, but no pets are allowed on the course. The tees are made of concrete, and it as DISCatcher style targets. Holes vary between under 300ft, between 300 and 400ft, and over 400ft. 

Where is the Bonita Springs Disc Golf Course Located?

The Disc Golf course is located at the Bonita Springs Recreation Center. The Center is found on Pine Avenue in Bonita Springs. 

  • The course is open between 7am and 7pm. 
  • The Rec Center has its own parking on-site, so you can drive to the course and park easily without worrying about the car. 
  • Join fun activities like Glow Golf in the evenings, a handicap league at weekends, and a bag tag round on Wednesday evenings. 

The Center is located in a Community Park, so there is plenty to do while you’re there alongside the golf course, including play areas for the children, a Disc Golf Pro Shop, and a full-sized gymnasium. There are also softball fields, tennis courts, picnic areas, and a community pool. The park is on 41.9 acres of land, so there’s plenty of space to walk, explore and play. 

Enjoy a Bonita Springs Vacation with Royal Shell

If you’re staying in Bonita Springs, then why not stay with Royal Shell? Royal Shell Vacations has been family owned since 1994 and has always operated locally. We are committed to offering our guests an excellent level of service, thanks to our personal approach and boutique style of operations. 

Our team is passionate about helping you to have the perfect vacation. Our rentals have unique amenities and services available, so you get the vacation you deserve. Our team all live and work in the area, so they have plenty of local knowledge. Whether you have questions about Bonita Springs Disc Golf or need a recommendation for where to eat dinner, they can help.

Need to check availability of a perfect Bonita Springs vacation rental?
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