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Top Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Bonita Springs

Tiana Burgos
March 16, 2020

A family vacation in Florida is a great way to relax together, but without kid-friendly things to do in Bonita Springs it can be hard to enjoy your beautiful, relaxing Southwest Florida surroundings. Kids are restless little bundles of potential energy. And the stunning new scenery and change of environment are bound to inspire an urge to explore and interact with the beautiful surroundings of Bonita Springs. This means that parents need to plan an itinerary of cool activities to enjoy both with Mom & Dad and with their fellow youngsters. 

It’s vitally important for kids to stay active. Especially in the smartphone age. According to The Department of Health and Human Services guidelines, preschool aged kids need to be physically active throughout the day, and all kids aged 6-17 should engage in at least one hour of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity every day. Staying active isn’t just important for kids’ health, it’s also key to them getting the most out of their Bonita Springs vacation. Fortunately, there are all kinds of awesome kid-friendly things to do in Bonita Springs. Whatever your kids love to do, whatever they want to see when they visit Bonita Springs and whatever family activities you enjoy the most together, you’re sure to find something awesome to enjoy in Bonita Springs. 

Visit the Beach

What’s a more quintessential way to enjoy the gorgeous sights of Bonita Springs as a family than with a leisurely walk on the beach. Whether Mom and Dad want to work on their tan or whether the whole family needs to walk off their delicious lunch, or the whole family love to get in on the underwater action together, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on Bonita Beach.

Kids who love watersports will go crazy for what’s on offer on Bonita Beach. Here the whole family can swim and snorkel while older kids might enjoy scuba diving, jet skiing or parasailing. Looking for a quiet place to enjoy a beachside family picnic together? Why not head on over to the Bonita Beach Park which features a volleyball court, playground and picnic shelters. The perfect place for supervised play and family relaxation.

Bringing your four legged friends with you on vacation? They’re sure to go crazy for the Dog Beach Park- a sandy haven for your kids to bond with your furry family members. Here dogs can run riot, paddle in the calm shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico and play with other dogs under the glorious Florida sun. We’re not sure who benefits the most. The dogs, or the humans who get to watch them having such a wonderful time at play. For kids who are inseparable from their dogs, it’s the perfect place to be.

No vacation is complete without a daily trip to the beach, and at Bonita Beach there’s plenty for the whole family to do so the kids need never get bored.

Go Mini Golfing

Bonita Bay is known for its world class golfing. But for those families who prefer their golding a little smaller and a whole lot zanier, Mini Golfing is the perfect fun way to spend a day out together. It’s not only great for those who want to get young kids into the sport of golfing, it’s also a fun way for the whole family to spend time together in the stunning surroundings of the Bonita Springs. 

There’s not just one but two great places where families can play Mini Golf together in Bonita Springs. Check out the Congo River Mini Golf Course on the Tamiami Trail. In this themed Mini-Golf course, kids can putt their way through tropical rainforests, mysterious caves, giant waterfalls and rocky summits. There’s even the opportunity for your kids to feed live alligators and come home with truly epic bragging rights. Take a look at their website for a coupon code that gives you $1 off per player for up to 6 players. 

But don’t let your Mini Golfing adventure stop there! There’s also the Golf Safari Mini Golf Course on Bonita Beach Road. In this animal-themed course, kids of all ages can test their skills against a wide range of golfing challenges surrounded jungle landscapes with life-sized animals, misting waterfalls and tiki huts. 

As well as being wholesome fun for all ages, Mini Golfing actually has a range of benefits for kids and families;

  • It gets kids out in the fresh air and encourages wholesome competition among family members.
  • It’s a surprisingly good cardio workout. An hour of mini golf burns around 300 calories.
  • It helps kids to develop their concentration, hand-eye coordination and form. 
  • It encourages kids to be good sportsmen and helps them build their social skills. 
  • It’s not about winning and losing. It’s about improving their performance in a fun environment.

With two great Mini Golf courses, Bonita Springs is the perfect vacation to get kids interested in the sport.

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Discover the Everglades Wonder Gardens

We all love plants. When we’re around them, we’re inspired by their natural beauty and their presence helps us to feel calmer and more relaxed. And while adults may benefit from a relaxing walk in a beautiful garden, kids get a whole other set of opportunities. They get to learn about and interact with cool plants and find out about the birds, bugs and animals that depend on them. This is just one of the reasons why kids benefit from a visit to the Everglades Wonder Gardens. With incredible plants and wildlife, as well as a range of activities planned throughout the year, this 80 year-old cultural icons has enthralled kids and families for generations. So, why not let your kids see what all the fuss is about?

As well as a range of opportunities to walk together as a family as you checkout the beautiful trees, plants and sensational wildlife, there are regular “Lunch and Learn” afternoons scheduled where the family can learn all about the plant, bird and animal life in Southwest Florida including her iconic flamingoes. If you and your kids love these famed pink birds, by the way, be sure to stop by for “Flamingle Fridays” at 5pm. 

The Everglades Wonder Gardens also have a butterfly garden, rescued birds and wildlife including iconic alligators. And because the team is always making new additions and enhancements, visitors are likely to find something new every time they stop by.

There are even spring break eco-camps where kids can learn more about what they can do to protect the environment as well as kids summer camps for little ones who want to take a long break amidst the wonders of nature. 

It’s the perfect attraction for kids who love nature and for parents who want to communicate the beauty and fragility of the natural world to their children. 

Make it Out of an Escape Room 

What better way to make memories together as a family than by trapping yourselves in a small, scary space where the goal is to escape despite the environment doing its best to confuse and distract you? Joking aside, Escape Rooms may seem more like an event for a corporate retreat than a family vacation. But nothing could be further from the truth. If you have older kids who love a challenge, making your way out of an Escape Room can be a fun challenge that you undertake together. 

There are a number of ways in which families benefit from playing Escape Room games;

  1. They’re more immersive than any video game and stimulate the senses in a way that commands concentration and attention to detail. 
  2. They encourage teamwork and communication as families work together, pooling their knowledge to achieve a shared goal. 
  3. They improve memory and concentration in ways that can benefit kids in their education and hobbies. What’s more, because they encourage us to think in new ways, they also have brain boosting properties for adults, too!
  4. They create a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and happiness when the family works together to escape. It’s a shared accomplishment which your kids will likely remember as one of the biggest highlights of their vacation.
  5. They’re scary… but in a safe way, like a ghost train or a haunted house ride. Except they’re better because they empower kids with the means to escape their scary environment through teamwork and communication. 

There are two awesome Escape Rooms in Bonita Springs- Tropic Escape Room on Bonita Beach and Brainaxe and Escapes on Old 41 Rd. Both of which offer family friendly escape rooms which you and your kids can enjoy tackling together.

Rent a Kayak, Canoe or Paddleboard

When it comes to kid-friendly things to do in Bonita Springs, families are likely to get them most out of their vacation when they take to the water. Some of the area’s most picturesque sights and stunning wildlife are best enjoyed from the water. And when families rent kayaks, canoes or standing paddleboards, they’re able to enjoy the springs the way they’re meant to be enjoyed. 

There are a range of awesome kayaking trails all around old Bonita springs. Families can either enjoy these nature-filled trails accompanied by an expert guide or go freestyle, paddling your way to the sights you want to see. 

Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to find a treasure trove of natural wonders, including the potential to see dolphins, manatees and sea turtles and learn about the dangers that threaten their environment in this modern age and the efforts that are underway to protect them. 

Getting around on a paddleboard or in a canoe isn’t just about seeing incredible sights, it’s about getting active together as a family. Any one of these activities has a range of benefits for kids, improving balance, strength and coordination while increasing the heart rate and burning calories. It’s the perfect way for the whole family to bond together while working up an appetite and seeing some of the stunning sea life and sights that make Southwest Florida so unique and stunningly beautiful.

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Discover Local History at Koreshan State Park

Bonita Springs isn’t just a beautiful and idyllic place to spend your vacation time. It’s also a fascinating place that’s rich in local history. For kids who love to learn about the past, and families who know that some of the best education comes from outside of school, a visit to Koreshan State Park is absolutely essential. 

Whatever your active family could want from a family vacation in Southwest Florida, you can find it in Koreshan State Park. There are ample walking and cycling trails, as well as snorkelling, tubing and scuba diving. There’s something for everyone in and out of the water as well as ample grounds for all kinds of camping (including equestrian and primitive).

In this stunning parkland, kids don’t just get to enjoy all kinds of outdoor pursuits, they get to learn about the history of the area and engage with activities that show them how their forefathers made a living from the land including guided history walks, craftsmanship demonstrations, fishing clinics, eagle watching, beekeeping talks as well as the chance to enjoy breakfast with a ranger where your kids can ask them anything they like about their jobs, their responsibilities or fascinating stories that have been passed down through the years. 

It’s great when kids get to enjoy an immersive and fascinating learning experience. Wherever their passions lie, Koreshan State Park is a great place to fuel their love of the great outdoors while encouraging them to honor and respect their country’s nature and the planet as a whole. Click Here to check out some of the park’s events that run all year round. 

Get Outside at Riverside Park

As well as a range of beachfront activities, Bonita Springs has a wealth of awesome activities for families to enjoy in the park. Riverside Park is a much beloved attraction where visitors and locals flock on a daily basis to enjoy its natural wonders and awesome amenities. 

Located in the heart of the city’s downtown district, the park plays host to a wide range of community events all year round. Visitors can enjoy a range of fun, kid-friendly activities no matter what time of year they  visit including;

  • Concerts under the bandshell and movies in the park.
  • Enjoying a family picnic together at the picnic tables.
  • The historic Liles Hotel, built in 1926. Part museum, part fully functional hotel, there are a range of exhibits and displays which are open to the public. 
  • Check out the newly restored fishing bungalows of Imperial River Cottages. In these artistic cottages, kids can check out a wide range of hand-crafted jewellery, paintings and sculptures.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to go for a long walk after a hearty lunch, you feel like catching a movie under the stars or you want to give your kids an insight into the work of local artists, there’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy.

Visit Farmer Mike’s U-Pick

We all know how important it is for kids to understand where their food comes from. With so much potentially harmful processed food on the shelves today, kids benefit a great deal from learning all about wholesome hand-picked veggies and fruits. And what better way to engage with our nation’s agriculture than by picking their very own goodies to take home with them?

At Farmer Mike’s U-Pick, located on Morton Avenue aims to do exactly that, combining a masterclass on the importance of good nutrition with a fun day out for the whole family. 

In an age of industrialized farming, Farmer Mike’s shows kids how farming can and should be done. The farm provides produce to the whole community including many of Bonita Springs’ most famed restaurants and hotels. From squash and broccoli to watermelon and citrus fruits, at farmer Mike’s U-Pick, kids can learn about where their food really comes from, how it grows and the tremendous amount of hard work behind what winds up on their plates. Moms and Dads can even pick fresh flowers for the home. 

When you return home with your fresh picked goodies, you can get your kids in on the action as you peel, chop and cook your wares into a delicious meal. When kids have a clear understanding of where their food comes from, they’re much more invested in helping you to cook it. So a fun family day out can actually help to give them greater ownership of their food, helping them to make better food choices throughout their lives. 

Plan a Kid-Friendly Bonita Springs Vacation

At Bonita Springs, there’s everything you need for a fun family vacation that the kids will enjoy for the rest of their lives. There’s awesome scenery, amazing wildlife and no shortage of fun activities and sports on land and in the water. 

Still, knowing where all the best action is can be a challenge, especially for families who have never visited this wondrous city before. At Royal Shell Vacation Rentals, we provide luxurious and perfectly maintained accommodation that puts you where the action is. What’s more, with our unsurpassed local knowledge, we’re perfectly placed to educate you on the best way to enjoy your vacation. As well as advising on kid friendly things to do in Bonita Springs  we can help with everything from quality dining suggestions to where to find the best parking. 

Let Royal Shell be your guide to all the wonders of Bonita Springs for a family vacation you’ll never forget!

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