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The Promenade At Bonita Bay: Everything You Need to Know

Tiana Burgos
March 16, 2020

If you're planning a short vacation in the Sunshine State, the Promenade at Bonita Bay area is undoubtedly one of the most attractive destinations. Situated just a short distance from the Gulf of Mexico, the beautiful Bonita Springs encapsulates everything that's great about Florida's climate and natural beauty while also providing a slightly more relaxed vibe than some of the cities. It is the ultimate spot for combining adventure and exploration with recharging the batteries and topping up your tan. Magical memories are virtually guaranteed.

The right choice of accommodation is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) has several regulations in place, such as not permitting short-term vacation rentals in which hosts remain in the property. However, Royal Shell's vacation rentals in the Promenade at Bonita Bay provide the perfect platform for building the holiday of your dreams. Here's all you need to know about planning your trip to Southwest Florida in style.

Where Is The Promenade At Bonita Bay?

Promenade at Bonita Bay is a shopping mall situated in the Bonita Springs district of Southwest Florida. The open air shopping center itself is heralded for its boutiques and plethora of restaurants, as well as stunning manmade waterfalls that are seen as you approach the mall. However, the term Promenade at Bonita Bay extends to cover the surrounding residential and commercial areas found in the western areas of Bonita Springs.

The area is well served by US 41, and is just 17 miles to the South of Southwest Florida International Airport. This area of Bonita Springs is found nestled between North Naples (to the South), and Estero (to the North) while Bonita Beach Park is only a short distance to the West.

Bonita Springs is a thriving community of around 45,000 people, and the tourism trade is a significant part of the region's DNA. In fact, more than six million visitors flock to Southwest Florida every year. The vicinity of the Promenade at Bonita Bay has established itself as one of the hottest attractions for holidaymakers of various ages and backgrounds. Whatever you desire from your upcoming trip, it is the perfect base for your adventures – especially when supported by the right vacation rental.

What Types of Shops Are at The Promenade?

The Promenade at Bonita Bay is blessed with offices and various services. However, it's the shopping, entertainment, and dining facilities that truly attract locals and visitors alike. The open air center offers everything from luxury boutiques to budget-friendly retailers to create a versatile shopping experience for guests of all backgrounds. If staying in this part of Southwest Florida, a trip to the mall should be on the agenda.

Some of the most popular stores at the shopping mall include;

  • Fashion boutiques for men and women as well as designer clothes stores for kids, such as Eden's Closet, that offer the chance to buy items that can't be found elsewhere.
  • Performance clothing outfitters, including Coastal Outfitters, that supply outdoor gear as well as items for holiday activities.
  • Home décor and gift stores like Sandy Feet Gifts.
  • Jewelers and accessories retailers.

The open air mall is far from the biggest shopping center in Florida, but its wide range of store types and focus on unique boutiques provide a fantastic shopping experience for all. When supported by the attractive architecture and pleasant atmosphere of the open air environment, as well as the practical and accessible layout, it's not hard to see why so many visitors give rave reviews following their time spent exploring the center.

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Events at The Promenade At Bonita Bay

The shopping and dining experiences provide more than enough incentive to visit the mall on any day of the week. They aren't the only reasons for heading to the Promenade, though. In fact, the communal areas are home to various events at various stages throughout the week.

Activities do vary from one season to the next. The Enchanted Ballroom Group runs various dance exercise classes on Tuesday-Friday with morning and evening classes alike. They include; Ethnic Tribal Exercise, Rhythm, Smooth, Styling, and Nightclub Latin Dance. Creative Pottery is another popular event that takes place at several stages during the week, while the Bonita Springs Farmer'sM Market takes center stage on Saturday mornings. Special events additionally take place on certain dates in the calendar.

Promenade events at Bonita Bay are supplemented by promotion days, exhibitions, and classes held by some of the boutiques. Likewise, several bars, including the Center Bar, host happy hours as well as themed nights and events. Various forms of entertainment can be found at the shopping mall too, as can yoga classes and a range of alternative activities. So, even if you're not planning to go shopping (or even window shopping), there's still plenty of fun to be had at the open air mall. It is a hub of activity for locals and guests around Bonita Bay and the surrounding areas.

DeRomo’s Restaurant

DeRomo's has been one of South Florida's (and New York's) premier gourmet catering companies for nearly 20 years. The brand plays a central role in the Promenade at Bonita Bay experience thanks to its multiple holdings. DeRomo's restaurant is a fun, sophisticated, and casual dining venue that opens seven days a week. The restaurant prides itself on combining gourmet tastes with relaxed environments for all the family, and has established itself as one of Bonita Springs' must-visit establishments. Whether it's lunch, dinner, or food 'to go' doesn't matter, a treat for the taste buds is assured.

Some of the restaurant's key characteristics include;

  • An open-style kitchen design that additionally incorporates a private dining space that can be hired for up to 30 people.
  • Fresh-cut meats, seafood, produce and ingredients that are sourced directly from DeRomo's Gourmet Market.
  • A choice of indoor and outdoor seating, allowing you to enjoy the Florida sun or take a break in the shade while you eat.
  • Happy Hour available at the restaurant bar between 3 pm and 6 pm on weekdays, as well as a full cocktail menu.

DeRomo's is frequented by residents throughout the Sunshine State thanks to its winning combination of great tasting foods, friendly atmosphere, pleasant staff, affordable prices, and team of fantastic chefs. It's a company that also takes great pride in its service as well as its standards of cleanliness. This is all complemented by the many wonderful experiences that can be had at the mall before and after your meal. When dining is about great experiences as well as exceptional food, DeRomo's Restaurant is a popular choice that serves up stunning results time and time again.

DeRomo’s Gourmet Market

DeRomo's Gourmet Market is a foodie's heaven and is particularly popular choice for guests that are staying in vacation rentals rather than hotels as it allows you to enjoy the quality foods that you associate with a great short break while also maintaining full control of the recipes you cook at your temporary villa or apartment. Visiting the market is a magical experience in itself as the impressive collection of imported, domestic, conventional, and organic products from around the globe take your senses on an incredible journey or sights and smells. The market is blessed with a bakeshop and coffee bar, pizzeria, deli, seafood market, meat stalls, wine stalls, and floral center. There's even gourmet to-go sections for when you want to spend the whole day exploring Bonita Springs rather than standing by the stove.

The market is open from 9 am seven days a week while the coffee bar opens even earlier at 7 am, allowing you to start your day the right way before indulging yourself in the beautiful Floridian sunshine. The unique vibe is fast-paced but does not feel overwhelming. Once you've left DeRomo's Gourmet Market, you are just a stone's throw from the other amenities and services on offer at the Promenade of Bonita Bay. No trip to Southwest Florida is complete without a visit.

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DeRomo’s Banquet Room

When you need a standout venue for a truly special event, DeRomo's Banquet Room is the ideal solution. Aside from boasting the highly reputable local name, the Promenade's location is sure to impress all guests. Whether it's an important business meeting, a wedding, the family reunion vacation, or something else doesn't matter. Southwest Florida is the ideal location to host your event, and DeRomo's is the perfect setting for fine dining in a truly spectacular building. Whether you want to utilize the full capacity of the space or hire it for a more modest function, the staff provide a very accommodating service. Better still, the Restaurant and Gourmet Market are nearby, meaning the food menu always delivers.

DeRomo's Banquet Room offers several attractive features, such as;

  • Seating for up to 100 people, and multiple configurations that can incorporate a dance floor if required.
  • Full private bookings for virtually any special occasion or business event.
  • Access to the full menu from DeRomo's Restaurant, using ingredients from the Gourmet Market, as well as specialized delizioso entrees.
  • Catering services that can be tailored to your specific dietary needs.
  • An exemplary service and sophisticated style that are synonymous with DeRomo's.
  • Transparency on pricing and scheduling before, during, and after the event.

DeRomo's is located on the second floor of the mall and is directly opposite the Gourmet Market's main entrance. The waterfalls and other impressive surroundings provide a wonderful backdrop for building the event that you deserve. Whether visiting from another part of Florida or from another country, the Banquet Room is sure to evoke a positive reaction.

The Center Bar

Found in the central courtyard of the Promenade at Bonita Bay, the Center Bar is an ideal gathering point and so much more. The bar opens at 4 pm daily and is the hub of evening entertainment in the Bonita Springs region. The covered courtyard venue features live entertainment six days a week, including a Blues & Bloody Sunday concert on the second Sunday of every month. The entertainment ranges from Arts Festivals to Fire & Ice Dancers while singers and bands are regular attendees too. The bar is open until midnight, includes a Happy Hour, and offers bar foods as well as a wide range of cocktails, beers, wines, and more. Many guests head straight to the Center Bar for a night out while others spend time thereafter enjoying the open air shopping experience.

While the bar itself is covered, watching sunsets from the bar is a major holiday highlight. The highly recommended venue boasts a relaxed atmosphere. It usually strikes the right balance in relation to volume of customers. It's never dull, but also avoids the threat of overcrowding to the point where it's unenjoyable. Crucially, the Center Bar is a suitable venue for couples, small groups, and larger groups alike, providing the backdrop to create magical memories that last a lifetime.

Coastal Outfitters

The shopping facilities at the Promenade boast several great solutions. When searching for items that will actively enhance your activities in Southwest Florida, however, Coastal Outfitters is one of the best options throughout the Sunshine State. The luxury boutique is highly regarded for producing quality goods while also partnering with the most reputable names in the performance outdoor gear market. Their catalog of goods includes resort wear and performance wear lifestyle apparel, as well as tackle and fishing equipment. If you want to take advantage of the many adventures awaiting in the Bonita Beach region, not least in regards to the water-based fun that's offered on the Gulf of Mexico, you can find virtually all items you could ever need at this store.

Coastal Outfitters teams up with Tommy Bahama, Guy Harvey, Pelagic, Robert Graham, Costa, Mud Pie, Vix Swimwear, All For Color, Mad Style, RCI Optics, Huk, Maui Jim, and more for its range of apparel and accessories. This vast range is combined with the in-house products to produce a huge collection of goods that are perfect for your stay in the Bonita Bay area.

Some of the many reasons for choosing Coastal Outfitters include;

  1. The retailer stocks an array of Men's, Women's, and Child products, ensuring that all the family are covered.
  2. Proximity to Bonita Beach and other coastal areas offers convenience while also enabling you to check suitability before you complete any purchase.
  3. Quality is assured for in-house produced goods as well as the products sold through their various distribution agreements.
  4. The range of brands on offer gives you the best chance of finding a suitable product.
  5. A team of friendly, experienced, and highly knowledgeable professionals will help you find the right product(s) for your upcoming adventures.

In addition to performance gear, Coastal Outfitters boasts an impressive range of fishing equipment and tackle. The brand teams up with Yeti, St. Croix, Fin-Nor, Van Staal, G. Loomis, Simms, Dan James, Cuda, and Quantum. For a comprehensive solution to your performance gear and fishing needs during your stay in Southwest Florida, the Promenade store is the place to go.

To The Moon

Looking good makes you feel good, whether you're on vacation or a resident of the Bonita Springs region. Over The Moon is a luxury boutique that brings the latest trends from New York and Los Angeles, providing sophisticated pieces for men and women as well as a dynamic line of apparel and accessories for adults and children alike. The boutique is perhaps best known for its custom designs courtesy of the Uniquely Yours by Tiffany range, which celebrates feminine beauty. However, the full range of clothes, shoes, and accessories provides something for everyone. The company focuses on simple, summery vibes that are underpinned by a touch of class and elegance – perfect for life in Southwest Florida, whether it's a temporary stay or a lifetime on the coast.

The store, located at suite 138 of the Promenade at Bonita Bay, opens seven days a week for most of the year and has a surprisingly affordable range of clothing on offer. The stylish trends are equally suited to being worn in daily life, or at least on special occasions, back home. The boutique's impressive interior design is another winning feature that you will love.

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Roy’s Restaurant

The iconic red brick building stands out on the Promenade at Bonita Bay, and Roy's Restaurant is equally appealing from an interior design perspective thanks to a recent expansion and renovation to coincide with the Bonita Springs branch's 20th anniversary. The Hawaiian franchise brings fun to the table seven days a week, which is highlighted by the daily Aloha (3 pm to 6:30 pm) and Late Night Aloha (9 pm to 10 pm) hours. Whether seated downstairs or upstairs, the views of the surrounding palm trees and flowers is paradise on earth.

Roy's is a successful chain that boasts restaurants from coast-to-coast. However, it's still far from common, giving you the exclusivity that you desire from a fine dining vacation experience. Diners can take this to a whole new level by booking out the private dining room space too. Alternatively, semi-private dining rooms can also be hired.

The Hawaiian-focused menu, which was pioneered by Roy’s founder Roy Yamaguchi and is brought to life by partner chef Iggy Ortiz, features a heavy influence on fresh meats and fish. The culinary visionary blends classic techniques with adventurous Pacific Rim flavors to produce flavors unlike anything you've tasted elsewhere. The unique twist on recipes is perfectly coupled with the readily available fresh ingredients to cement the restaurant's place as a firm favorite.

Robert of Philadelphia 

Robert of Philadelphia boasts salons at three of Southwest Florida’s biggest entertainment districts, and the Bonita Springs branch is located at suite 102 of the Promenade of Bonita Bay. Whether staying in the Sunshine State for a week or a month, great hair is essential. The family-owned business offers the perfect solution for women, men, and children alike. Some of the key features relating to the salon include;

  • Robert DiLella opened his first Naples, Florida salon in 1980, making it one of the areas eldest and best-loved salon brands.
  • The Promenade at Bonita Bay brand of the salon boasts an exceptionally comfortable and clean setting.
  • They offer an extensive range of services, including Blow Out & Style, Highlights, Root Retouch, Corrective Color, and more.
  • Highly trained staff guaranteed quality results time and time again.
  • Stylists are happy to, if asked, offer suggestions about the latest trends and styles that could enhance your natural appearances.
  • The prices are surprisingly affordable, especially for a highly reputable and established brand associated with style.

Robert of Philadelphia is the only salon your family or group of friends need for the short stay in the Bonita Springs location. For a cut, color, style, and more, your hair is in safe hands. Whether it's for the daily activities of your vacation or for a special event, particularly a wedding, the value of great hair cannot be emphasized enough.

Little Paris

When visiting a location as special as Southwest Florida, it's only natural that you'll want to return home with some equally incredible souvenirs. Little Paris is a boutique that facilitates that dream, as it provides specialty decor and furniture, including decorative accessories, tableware, small furniture and gifts, that can sit proudly in your home. While the majority of goods are, unsurprisingly, imported from France and other European countries, the home accessories will still provide a warmth that reminds you of the time spent in the vicinity of Bonita Bay.

In addition to an array of wonderful home accessories on offer, the boutique takes great pride in presenting displays in an inspirational fashion that'll provide many ideas for your interior designs at home. The distinct European warmth and charm also combine to create a truly impressive shopping experience, which is further enhanced by the surroundings of the open air mall. Whether browsing or picking up homely goods, for your property or as a gift for a loved one, the boutique is unforgettable.

Little Paris appreciates changing trends, not only through the years but also throughout the seasons. They frequently welcome new arrivals that are perfect for the next big event in the calendar. While all items are beautifully elegant, the stylistic paintings are perfect for the modern home – even when trying to emulate a rustic or traditional esthetic.

Sip, Shop and Stroll Events

Each day spent at the Promenade is special, but the first Thursday of the month brings an extra ingredient to the table as Royal Shell Property Management is proud to present the Sip, Shop and Stroll at Promenade event. The event sees every participating store and boutique within the shopping mall offer complimentary wine (or a small nibble to eat) to each guest. This creates a relaxed, fun, communal shopping experience that is loved by locals and visitors to Southwest Florida alike. It is the most refreshing and rewarding way to spend an afternoon before enjoying the evening's entertainment in style.

The monthly event includes many fantastic features, such as;

  1. Runs between 5 pm and 7 pm on the first Thursday of each month.
  2. The shopping experiences are enhanced by delicious free food and drink, with most boutiques in the shopping mall taking part.
  3. The Center Bar also hosts entertainment from 7 pm to take the enjoyment and atmosphere to a new level.
  4. It's the ultimate way to actually meet other shoppers and consumers, including the locals that you may have ordinarily ignored.

The Sip, Shop and Stroll at Promenade event is one that encourages shoppers to enjoy and explore all of the boutiques to discover the best clothes, home décor, and souvenirs on offer. The tasty treats are often sourced from the Gourmet Market, offering a little preview of the wonderful foods and drinks that can be found there. Guests that arrive early will also gain access to special offers, meaning you can grab an even better bargain than usual. The monthly event additionally features a raffle and a range of activities around the concourse. It's a shopping experience like no other and is sure to put a smile on your face regardless of whether you plan to pick up a bargain or not.

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Bonita Springs Farmers Market at The Promenade At Bonita Bay

If you're looking for the perfect way to start your weekend at Bonita Bay in style, the Saturday morning Bonita Springs Farmers Market at the Promenade at Bonita Bay offers the ideal solution. Organized by Local Roots, the weekly event runs from 8 am to 12 pm and features a diverse range of local food, crafts, and homemade goods. The foods include fresh fruit, veg, seafood, baked goods, and tasty jams, while visitors can also pick up fresh flowers and plants to beautify their vacation rental property or take back to home at the end of the stay. Many of the products found on a Saturday are exclusive to the event, and won't be found on the Promenade during the week. So, you'll want to snap up those deals.

With the coffee bar opening at 7 am, guests can arrive early to avoid the rush without missing out on any of the products. However, there's still plenty to find towards the end of the weekly four-hour event, meaning there's no need to panic if you miss out on the early stock. In addition to the food market, artworks, and home items, the event is supported by family-friendly entertainment. Overall, this creates the perfect open air market experience for locals and visitors alike, allowing you to enjoy an immersive shopping experience while basking in the Florida sun. Whether seeking a fun and unique experience or hoping to grab some clothes or products for the home, Saturday mornings are the ideal time to make it happen.

Bonita Springs Invitational Art Festival

Bonita Springs is one of Southwest Florida's most attractive destinations, attracting many visitors from a state catchment area of over 21 million as well as guests from further afield. The Bonita Springs Invitational Art Festival weekend event is one of the highlights in the calendar. Taking place in February, the Promenade's sidewalks transform into a gallery for local artists to showcase their work, offering guests the opportunity to land one-off pieces of art for their homes at an affordable price while also taking part in some of the event's other organized activities. The natural architecture, plants, and skylines produce a beautiful backdrop to truly bring the event to life. The magical annual event includes;

  • Local art from local artists.
  • Various events organized on the concourse and Center Bar.
  • The chance to enjoy the artwork all day long – 11 am to 7 pm on the Saturday and 10 am to 5 pm on the Sunday.
  • Entertainment provided by local entertainers.
  • A relaxed environment that's certain to create lifelong memories for all the family.

Enjoy Your Vacation to Bonita Springs with Royal Shell

Bonita Bay has established itself as the perfect center focus of your stay in Southwest Florida. Whether taking a family holiday or looking for things to do during your time off when working away from home, this part of Southwest Florida is the perfect option. It combines a pleasant climate with natural beauty, a friendly community, and a range of activities, from shopping and entertainment to exploring local trails or getting out on the water. Fun is virtually guaranteed at every turn.

However, you will need to find the right vacation rental property to help you unlock the very best features that Bonita Springs has to offer. Royal Shell can help you find the perfect property for your stay, regardless of whether you're traveling alone, with the family, or in a huge group.

When looking for a place to stay in Bonita Springs, proximity to the Promenade at Bonita Bay should be at the top of your agenda. When you find the perfect property in the perfect location, your adventures will be everything you desire and more. Visiting sunny Southwest Florida never looked better. Take the first steps by calling our agents today.

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