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Can I Find Annual and Seasonal Rentals in Bonita Springs?

Tiana Burgos
March 19, 2020

Looking for annual and seasonal rentals in Bonita Springs? Royal Shell has exactly what you’re looking for, thanks to a range of incredible properties that are ideal for both long and short-term rentals.  Southwest Florida is a popular vacation destination both for US residents and people from all over the world. From the beautiful beaches to the glorious sunshine, it’s hard not to fall in love with everything Southwest Florida has to offer.

Bonita Springs is one of the gems of Southwest Florida. A truly stunning city, it lives up to its Spanish name for ‘pretty’. It has plenty of gorgeous scenery, coast and wonderful city life that makes it a wonderful place to visit. You can find its main beach, Bonita Beach on the EPA’s monitored beaches list, which can give you the latest information about the beach and its water quality.  With both annual and seasonal rentals in Bonita Springs, you could find the perfect vacation property to help you make the most of your stay.

Annual Vs Seasonal Rentals

When it comes to choosing a rental property in Bonita Springs, you’ll find an incredible range of both annual and seasonal rentals. The type of property you’re looking for will depend on what you want to get out of your stay. Some people might want to enjoy a one-off vacation and are only interested in a seasonal or short-term rental, while others might have plans to visit several times a year, making an annual rental more appealing.

Annual rentals are fantastic if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in Southwest Florida. Ideal for weekend getaways and to enjoy during the holidays, you could experience many benefits when choosing an annual rental. Annual rentals are also great for families who might alternate their stays to ensure maximum value from their rental. 

Seasonal rentals, meanwhile, provide a lot of flexibility, ensuring you’re only tied to a single property for a single period of time. This is a more suitable option if you’re only planning on a one-off or short stay, and means you’re not tied into a long-term contract you may not get the full benefit from. Choosing between annual and seasonal rentals in Bonita Springs is a personal choice, so it’s a good idea to consider all of the available options to help you make the right decision.

How Do Vacation Rentals Work?

Vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular. Providing the chance to feel more at home and relaxed during your vacation, a vacation rental is a popular alternative to a hotel, providing more personal space for you and your family. Now that vacation rentals are becoming easier to find online, everyone from individuals to families and groups are taking advantage of some of the amazing properties that are available.

Renting a vacation property provides a much more unique and personal experience. You’ll get to experience many home comforts that can be missing from a hotel room, as well as take advantage of having more space. Instead of hiring a room from a hotel chain, you’re renting an entire property from an individual, with each stay offering a different experience. 

The process of finding a vacation rental is simple. Some of the key steps include:

  • Find the right property by conducting a search for properties in the location you’d like to stay. 
  • Narrow your selection down to properties that cater for the right amount of people, as well featuring the key facilities you’re looking for, such as balconies, terraces and swimming pools.
  • Read the descriptions carefully and take a close look at any photos that have been provided.
  • Check the availability of the property to confirm pricing. 
  • Book your stay and make the relevant payments.
  • Receive instructions for your arrival and departure, as well as things to note about your stay. 

Whilst booking annual and seasonal rentals in Bonita Springs, it’s likely you’ll have a lot of questions about your chosen property. It’s important to ask questions before you book your stay to ensure that a property is the right fit for you. 

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Pros and Cons of Seasonal Rentals 

A seasonal rental will provide you with a short-term rental on a furnished property in your desired location. It can be a great way to enjoy a vacation and experience a ‘home from home’, and can be better suited to families and groups who’d rather share living spaces and bigger bedrooms instead of staying in individual hotel rooms. With an upfront cost and a clear idea of what to expect, seasonal rentals are an excellent choice when it comes to looking for vacation accommodation.

Seasonal rentals provide flexibility, with your own space to call a base. You’ll get the opportunity to relax, as well as take things at your own space. A seasonal rental can help you feel more settled, while enjoying additional features and amenities you may not get from a hotel. Seasonal rentals also provide excellent value, providing luxury accommodation in wonderful locations at a rate that can work out cheaper than staying in a hotel or resort. You’ll have the freedom to cook for yourself and save some money during your stay, while also being able to enjoy luxury amenities to add an extra special touch during your stay, such as a private pool or hot tub. Where better to enjoy a 4th of July cookout or celebrate a special birthday or occasion with loved ones?

But despite all of the good things about seasonal rentals, there are also some downsides to consider. Unlike a hotel, there won’t be any support staff to provide help if there’s a problem, which means it can take longer for problems in the property to be resolved. Unless you pay for a separate maid service, you’ll also be responsible for making your bed, changing towels, etc. You’ll also need to pick up after yourself to make sure your rental stays clean and neat. Location can also be an issue for vacation rentals. As many are located on the outskirts of cities, it’s likely that you’ll need to rent a car to be able to get around. 

Pros and Cons of Annual Rentals

Annual rentals provide you with an excellent opportunity to enjoy flexible, comfortable stays in your chosen destination. If you plan on taking a longer vacation, or multiple vacations during the year, then there are plenty of pros to enjoy with your annual rental.

Some of the pros of annual rentals include:

  1. The ability to experience having a vacation home without taking on a long-term financial commitment. 
  2. An annual rental can work out to be more affordable than multiple seasonal or short-term rentals.  
  3. If there’s a property that you love, you can take advantage of repeated stays there, without having to find different properties each time you visit.
  4. Feel at home in familiar surroundings with all of the home comforts you’d expect from a vacation rental.
  5. Greater flexibility over your stay, knowing that your property is available for you to visit whenever you choose. 

There are several benefits that come with renting an annual vacation property, but there are some cons to think about too. If something should happen or your circumstances change, you could find yourself getting less use out of the property than intended, making it a costly investment. There’s also damage to consider, as you’ll be more likely to contribute to the wear and tear of a property if you stay there long-term. Having an annual rental also means that you’re tied to a property, taking away the flexibility and enjoyment that can come from visiting different locations and properties.

Are Vacation Rentals a Good Investment?

Vacation rentals can be an excellent investment if you know what you want and know exactly what you want from your vacation this year. Compared to the price of staying in a hotel each time, a vacation rental can be an affordable way to experience wonderful destinations, and can bring families and friends closer together too. Vacation rentals are a good investment if you know what you’re getting into and are sure you’ll get the most back for what you’ve paid.

With a vacation rental, you know what you’re getting. You’ll soon become familiar with all of the features the property has, and the location, helping you feel at ease in your surroundings. If you’re considering an annual vacation rental but haven’t done a vacation rental before, you might want to think about trying a short-term stay first to help you decide if it’s the right move for you. You’ll need to think about how much use you’ll get out of the property for the price you’re paying, and possibly get family and friends involved to help share the cost and ensure the property is used enough throughout the year.

Many people decide to invest in vacation rentals as a way to generate extra income. If you’re in a fortunate position to be able to buy an additional property, then a vacation rental can be a great alternative to becoming a landlord on a nearby property, giving you some flexibility as well as the opportunity to use your property yourself if you wish. Provided your property is located in a good place and you can offer a fantastic experience for your guests, investing in vacation rentals can be an excellent investment for your future. 

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Vacation Rental Vs Residential Rental

What is the difference between a vacation rental and a residential rental? A vacation rental is intended to be a short-term stay, a place for people to go to relax and be away from home. While some people choose an annual vacation rental, they might not be at the property full-time, and may only choose to visit on weekends or during special holidays. Meanwhile, a residential rental would involve a person living at the property as though they were a resident, building a life in the area as well as potentially working there. A residential rental would involve enrolling children in local schools, registering with local medical care, and will feel like a much more ‘permanent’ situation. 

With a vacation rental, it’s typically the property owner who is responsible for all of the maintenance, bills and other issues that come with owning a property. In a residential rental, renters take on much more responsibility, and need to pay bills, possibly maintain and furnish the property and more - with a landlord/tenant relationship in place. If you were going to base your life in a particular location, like Bonita Springs, then a residential rental will be a much more suitable option. 

Popular Annual Rental Communities in Bonita Springs

There are some incredible annual rental communities in Bonita Springs, which creates a more community feel that makes it possible to develop friendships and relationships with other vacationers, which can add to the familiarity that comes with an annual vacation rental. There are so many great things to do in Bonita Springs, and rental communities give you the chance to enjoy the best the area has to offer. Bonita Springs is home to some wonderful annual rental communities, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to deciding which area to settle in. 

Some of the most popular annual rental communities in Bonita Springs include:

  • Pelican Landing - a fantastic community that boasts some beautiful landscapes as well as wetlands and protected wildlife. Home to several golf clubs, it’s a great choice for those looking to enjoy a longer-term rental in Bonita Springs.
  • San Mirage at Bonita Springs - a wonderful gated community which provides plenty of desirable amenities. Located near Bonita Springs’ picture-perfect beaches, and with its own swimming pool and sporting facilities, it’s the ideal location for those wanting to experience a longer stay in Southwest Florida.
  • Spanish Wells - a stylish, welcoming community, with plenty of wonderful amenities to help you feel at home during your stay. With luxurious properties, golf resorts and more, it’s the perfect choice for annual rentals in Bonita Springs. 

If you’re looking for the ideal annual rental community in Bonita Springs, then you won’t be disappointed with the choice that’s on offer. With wonderful welcoming communities and attractive locations, you’ll soon feel right at home while enjoying your annual vacation rental. With many choices available, you can find somewhere that’s special to you to help you make the most of your stay.

Popular Seasonal Rental Communities in Bonita Springs

In addition to annual rental communities in Bonita Springs, there are also some popular seasonal rental communities. Rental communities feature all of the typical features you’d expect, and it can be a great way to enjoy a vacation in comfortable surroundings compared to staying in a busy tourist resort.                                                                                                                                                      

Some of the most popular seasonal rental communities in Bonita Springs include:

  • Vasari - a stunning country club location which is located close to the airport and Bonita Springs’ wonderful beaches. Ideal for seasonal renters, it has all of the amenities you need to enjoy your stay.
  • The Brooks - an incredible community which has everything you need to make the most of your seasonal stay. The Brooks features some truly wonderful properties that can help you enjoy a relaxing time with each stay. 
  • Pelican Landing - popular with both seasonal and annual renters. Pelican Landing has all of the amenities you’d expect from a luxury rental community, giving you everything you could possibly need to make your stay a memorable one.

Finding the right seasonal rental community can help make sure your stay in Bonita Springs is a great one. Seasonal rental communities have plenty to offer, including golfing and outdoor activities, amazing pools and spas, as well as a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Whatever you’re looking for in a short-term vacation rental, you’ll be sure to find it in Bonita Springs.

Rent a Seasonal or Annual Rental in Bonita Springs with Royal Shell

If you’re looking for either a seasonal or annual rental in Southwest Florida, then Royal Shell can help. We have years of experience managing more than 2,000 rental properties, making us experts in sourcing and providing vacation rental services in areas like Bonita Springs. We not only know what makes a great rental property, but we have the local knowledge that can help make sure your stay is one to remember. We have a wide selection of properties to choose from, helping to find something suitable for you. From individuals to families to large groups wanting to book a memorable vacation, we can help you find the property you’re looking for.

Quality and assurance are important to Royal Shell. We excel in customer satisfaction, providing annual and seasonal rentals in Bonita Springs year after year. Many of our customers are returning customers, which is a testament to our high-quality service and range of properties available. From luxury condos to private villas, we’re ready to cater to your needs. Both renters and property owners can benefit from our high standards of service, ensuring only the best for people wishing to visit Bonita Springs. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our vacation rentals.

Need to check availability of a perfect Bonita Springs vacation rental?
Take a minute to complete a short form and submit it to us so we can check the availability of the property you desire.

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