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Annual Bonita Springs Events

Tiana Burgos
March 16, 2020

If you’re looking for an exciting and unique vacation experience, why not consider participating in the wonderful Bonita Springs events that take place throughout the year? Bonita Springs is a fantastic destination whether you’re looking to explore its natural beauty, engross yourself in its eccentric cultural events or just relaxing on the warm waters of its many beaches. It’s a destination for solo travelers looking to unwind, families looking for memorable adventures, groups of nightlife party-goers and even retirees that want to bring their dog along.

Regardless of what type of holiday you’re looking for, there’s no reason not to visit Bonita Springs. It’s one of the most exciting destinations no matter what type of break you enjoy, and with so many fun activities and Bonita Springs events to get involved with, you’re sure to find something to fall in love with.

How Did Bonita Springs Get Its Name?

Bonita Springs is certainly one of the most unique names for a city–even by Florida’s standards! However, the name wasn’t just conjured up randomly. Instead, it had a purpose.

Bonita Springs has been inhabited for a very long time. Recent archaeological discoveries have revealed that humans lived in the area around 8,000 years ago with mound buildings appearing 4,000 years ago. Bonita Springs was inhabited by thousands of Calusa Indians by the time the first Spanish envoys arrived on its shores. On their quest for the legendary Fountain of Youth, the Spanish discovered the area in 1539. Due to the Spanish invasion and their influence, it only took a few centuries for the mighty Calusa Chiefdom to succumb to European disease and slave trading. The few survivors fled to the areas we now know as Florida Keys and Cuba, with some joining Seminole tribes that were hiding out in South Florida to avoid the Spanish.

However, it wasn’t until the 1870s that the area received its first name from government surveyors; Survey. Homesteaders moved into the area and during the 1880s, the population had grown substantially due to large plantations being built and more families moving in. As the years went on, the area saw more modern developments with investors such as Tennessean J.H. Ragsdale getting involved in the growth of Survey.

However, the developers decided that the name, Survey, lacked appeal. It wasn’t unique or exciting and didn’t do the area’s natural beauty much justice. As a result, the developers banded together and decided to rename many of the surrounding areas and Bonita Springs was chosen for the city. Today, Bonita Springs remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida. One could say that the developers were ultimately successful in choosing a name that truly represented the desirable local area!

Bonita Springs Events for Kids

Bonita Springs is an excellent location for kids to visit because there are always unique events going on that children can participate in. Whether it’s participating in the Bonita Springs National Art Festivals, exploring their culinary options at the SWFL Vegan Fest or attending the Celebrate Bonita Festival concert, there are countless options available no matter what time of year you visit. Many of these events are child-friendly and there’s lots of entertainment for the whole family.

Here are some of the events that you should consider bringing your kids to.

  • Riverside Park Bonita Springs Events for music, charity events, and small festivals
  • Bonita Springs National Art Festival to explore the artistic history of Bonita Springs
  • SWFL Vegan Fest to try out some delicious vegan-friendly food
  • Celebrate Bonita for great music, food and a friendly environment
  • Star-Spangled Bonita for the wonderful 4th of July fireworks displays at night

Below, we’ll go into more detail about the many events that you and your family can take part in while you’re in Bonita Springs. The community is incredibly welcoming of tourists and you’ll find everyone taking part in these events. It’s the perfect time for families to mingle and you’ll feel safe with your children being surrounded by the cordial locals. Outside of these main annual events, you’ll also find lots of smaller events taking place around areas that you’re staying, so it’s worth checking online for even more options.

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Bonita Springs Events for Adults

While Bonita Springs is a welcoming destination for families, it’s also got a fantastic selection of adult-friendly events throughout the year. Whether you’re interested in world-class live performances or tasting different types of local alcohol, Bonita Springs has you covered with all the entertainment you need!

The Sip, Shop and Stroll event is a refreshing, fun and rewarding way to spend an afternoon indulging in sublime styles, flavors, and playful pursuits. You’ll get to sample lots of different sweet treats and small bites, and also take advantage of excellent promotions, raffles, and prizes. There’s a lot of fun to be had for adults regardless if you’re with a group, a partner or even exploring Bonita Springs on your own. For a more laid-back afternoon of entertainment, there’s the Bonita Springs Boat Show, the oldest and longest-running boat show in Southwest Florida.

Finally, the Bonita Brew Fest is another wonderful annual event that offers unlimited 3 oz. samples of some of the best brews you’ll find in Florida and the surrounding area. Held at Riverside Park, the Annual Bonita Brew Fest is the perfect way to enjoy new styles and find your next favorite brew. Whether you love craft beers, meads or hard ciders, there are plenty of options that’ll tickle your fancy. To go with your brew, there’s a wonderful selection of food from the Food Trucks onsite with vastly different styles of cuisine. To top it off, there’s also live music being played throughout the event and proceeds will benefit the Bonita Springs Historical Society. In a single event, you’ll get to sample delicious brews, eat mouth-watering food, listen to great music and also benefit the local community! It’s an incredibly popular event, so make sure you get your tickets early!

Riverside Park Bonita Springs Events

Riverside Park in Bonita Springs is home to some of the most wonderful events in the city. Bonita Springs loves to celebrate and officials are always looking for a good excuse to get out into the sun and celebrate throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Whether it’s a small neighborhood-hosted event or a special Florida-wide event, Riverside Park is always welcoming new event ideas. This makes it one of the more desirable places to stay if you’re looking to rent a vacation home for some time in Bonita Springs.

Here are some of the special events that take place in Riverside Park.

  1. Movies in the Park
  2. Bonita Springs Concert Band
  3. Stardust Memories Big Band
  4. Celebrate Bonita
  5. Farm City BBQ Cook-Off
  6. Stardust Memories Big Band
  7. Crohn’s Charity Service Foundation Event
  8. Fiesta Bonita Event
  9. Bonita Springs Concert Band
  10. BonitaFest
  11. Star-Spangled Bonita

In particular, the Star-Spangled Bonita event on the 4th of July and Celebrate Bonita in late March are huge events that draw crowds from all over Southwest Florida. This list of events is always changing throughout the year and each year. There are always new contenders that try to establish themselves as successful annual events that will return year after year. We highly suggest participating in some of these events as it’s a great way to mingle with the locals and explore the deep culture and history that Bonita Springs is known for. A full list of events is available on the City of Bonita Springs website so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest events that are happening. It’s a great way to plan for your trip so you know what to expect and where to go when you arrive.

Southwest Florida Event Center

The Southwest Florida Event Center in Bonita Springs is a popular event destination for everything from world-class live performances in the theater to concerts and comedy shows. It’s located in a convenient spot close to the center of Bonita Springs, making it an easy place to get to. You’ll also find a variety of shows that are suitable for the whole family. There are a surprising number of events that occur every couple of days, so there’s always something to look forward to.

The venue itself is rather classy with lots of seating and full catering services, meaning you can get a hearty meal as you enjoy the show. With such a diverse lineup of performances, dinner shows, concerts, and both local and international entertainment, there’s always something fun and interesting happening at the Southwest Florida Event Center. While it doesn’t draw huge crowds like Riverside Park with its lineup of eccentric annual events, Southwest Florida Event Center does have its fair share of outstanding entertainment and events. We highly suggest taking a look at the Southwest Florida Event Center website for a full upcoming event listing and also to purchase tickets to events. Admissions sell out very quickly, especially for the popular guests and shows, so it’s a good idea to plan and see what’s on the schedule.

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Bonita Springs National Art Festival

The Bonita Springs National Art Festivals are a series of shows that take place throughout the year, usually at the beginning of a New Year. With a history of dozens of successful high-quality festivals in Bonita Springs, The centers for the Arts Bonita Springs offers three fine arts and fine crafts festivals each year. You’ll get to enjoy the artworks of 200 National and International artists and also have the opportunity to support the programs of the Centers for the Arts.

Here are some of the key things to look forward to.

  • One of the highest-rated Fine Art Festivals in the entire country.
  • Juried events with artists selected by a panel of local art experts.
  • Experience quality artwork by national and international artists.
  • Over 200+ showcase pieces to explore.
  • Meet, talk and buy from artists to support them and their endeavors.
  • 16 different artwork categories to discover
  • A beautiful park setting with plenty of amenities to enhance the experience
  • One of the largest local events in Bonita Springs

The Bonita Springs National Art Festival is suitable for families, small groups and even solo travelers. It’s a great place to visit if you’re interested in art festivals and there are lots of wonderful people to meet with and speak to throughout the event. We highly suggest coming to the art festival at least once to experience all of the wonderful colors, sights, and sounds that make it such a renowned art event. People from all across the country come to Bonita Springs just to participate in the Bonita Springs National Art Festival, so it’s certainly one of the more reputable events to take part in.

Bonita Brew Fest

For the adult travelers that love a good brew, the Bonita Brew Fest is an annual event that you do not want to miss! The Bonita Brew Fest has been going strong for 6 years as the place to be if you love a good brew and some delicious food to pair with it. It’s over 3 hours of unlimited craft brew sampling, delicious food trucks, and live music. Many local, national, and international breweries take part in the Bonita Brew Fest including 81Bay Brewing Company, Guinness, Sun King Brewery and Oskar Blues. You’ll also find legendary local food vendors such as Cajun Gringos, Dave’s Cosmic Subs and Matt’s Red Hots attending the festival, providing outstanding meals to go perfectly with your unlimited brews.

As you can probably guess, this isn’t the type of event that you can bring your children to. However, it does only take place in the afternoon for around 3 hours, so it’s a great option if your kids are occupied in your rented accommodation or if they’re with a responsible young adult exploring other parts of Bonita Springs. For more information, check out the official Bonita Brew Fest website to see a full list of participating breweries and buy tickets in advance. It’s an extremely popular event, so make sure you get your tickets early!

Sip, Shop and Stroll at The Promenade

The Promenade at Bonita Bay is a small but exciting open-air mall with lots of boutique shops and outstanding natural decor. The Promenade offers water features, high-end salons, delectable restaurants, and tranquil experiences to help you relax and unwind. Every year, the Promenade turns into one of the most entertaining and exciting events in Bonita Springs; the Sip, Shop and Stroll. This event is all about celebrating the local area and supporting the boutique stores that line the Promenade. By arriving early, you’ll get access to exclusive shopping and dining specials. Every participating store offers mouthwatering small bites, cocktails, mocktails and a range of other drinks. Every store you visit also qualifies you for a raffle prize to add to the fun.

To top it off, live entertainment starts at The Center Bar from 6 p.m. This could be a fun show, a band playing music or even a full concert. It adds to the atmosphere of The Promenade and is a fantastic opportunity to mingle with the locals.

Here are some of the things to look forward to at the Sip, Shop and Stroll event.

  1. Delicious small bites offered by every store in The Promenade.
  2. Selection of exciting cocktails and mocktails to sample.
  3. Water and soft drinks to keep you hydrated throughout the event.
  4. Complimentary wine, small bites and sweet treats from every store.
  5. Huge shopping promotions at all participating stores.
  6. Raffles and prizes for every store you attend.
  7. Live entertainment at The Center Bar.

True to its name, the Sip, Shop and Stroll event is all about sampling delicious drinks, shopping at The Promenade’s eccentric boutique stores and strolling through the mall’s beautifully-crafted scenery. It’s something that you can’t miss if you love shopping, and it’s also a great chance to meet with locals and experience the friendly local atmosphere.

SWFL Vegan Fest

The Southwest Florida Veg Fest is an absolute must-visit for anyone that has adopted a plant-based diet, or people that are curious about vegan cuisine and want to be impressed by what it has to offer. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded vegans and share recipes, but it’s also an event where you can learn more about eco-friendly and cruelty-free products. Even if you’re not a vegan or a vegetarian, the SWFL Vegan Fest is a great place to learn about vegan cooking and the health benefits of a plant-based diet. You don’t need to be a vegan to attend and there are lots of friendly attendees that would be more than happy to try and convince you to try their plant-based delicacies.

So regardless if you have a plant-based diet or not, the SWFL Vegan Fest is a wonderful place to visit. There are experienced professional speakers, cooking demos, vendors to sample delicious food, animal rescues, entertainment and also activities for the whole family. It’s a child-friendly event to attend and to top it off, it’s a free annual event!

Bonita Blues Festival

Have a love for blues music? If so, you have to attend the Bonita Blues Festival at Riverside Park. The Bonita Blues Festival is a two-day event that mixes local legends, aspiring talent, and nationally-known artists. Some examples include David Julia, James Harman, Little Freddie King, and McKinley James.

The Bonita Blues Festival opens early and lasts until 9 p.m. You’re encouraged to bring sunscreen for the day and blankets for when it gets later into the evening. You should also consider bringing chairs to relax while you enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, but don’t be surprised if you see people getting up on their feet and dancing to the rhythm!

To complete the event, there are also vendors that offer everything from food and drinks to little souvenirs. If that’s not enough, there are also after parties at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant which is close to the event. This is perfectly suitable for families as well, making it a great event to bring your kids to. You can purchase tickets for an individual day, but you’ll save a lot of money by getting a weekend pass for both days.

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Bonita Springs Boat Show

Have a love for boating? Enjoy a spot of fishing? Never been in a boat in your life? Whatever category you fall under, the Bonita Springs Boat Show is a wonderful 4-day attraction that takes place at the Naples Fort Myers Greyhound Track at Bonita Beach. The Bonita Springs Boat Show is the oldest and largest springtime show in Southwest Florida, attracting all local boat dealers and showcasing hundreds of the latest and greatest boats. However, there are also plenty of vintage boats that have been carefully taken care of by their meticulous owners for you to marvel at.

Here are some of the things to look forward to at the Bonita Springs Boat Show.

  • Chat with locals and share boating tips or learn more about boating in general.
  • Receive fishing tips from professionals that attend the event.
  • Learn more about boat ownership and maintenance.
  • Explore the hundreds of boats that are brought to the boat show.
  • Enjoy a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere as you tour the event.

Residents of Florida are certainly no strangers to boating. Thanks to the beautiful weather and proximity to large bodies of water, it’s fairly common for people to own some kind of boat be it for leisure, fishing purposes or even transport. So whether you’re an avid boater or have never even stepped foot on one, the Bonita Springs Boat Show is a brilliant place for you and your family to visit. With free local parking, a low admission fee and free entry for under 16s, there’s no excuse not to bring the kids as well!

Bonita Springs Farmers Market

The Bonita Spring Farmers Market is an annual Bonita Springs event that opens up towards the end of the year for several months. Every Saturday from 8 a.m to noon, the farmers market opens up in front of the Bonita Bay community in the parking lot of the newly-renovated Promenade Shopping Center. The market is all about offering delicious local produce, trimmed flowers, a variety of plants, baked goods, preserved items like jam, prepared foods and a lot more. They even sell seafood that has been freshly caught from surrounding waters that same morning!

There are lots of delicacies you can sample here from food stalls. A lot of people might find it strange to visit a farmer’s market while on holiday, but the local produce can be an excellent way to sample local flavors if you’ve decided on renting accommodation instead of a hotel. If you have holiday accommodation near the Bonita Springs Farmers Market, then we highly recommend trying to cook your lunch or dinner by using all of the fresh produce from the local area. The stalls are run by friendly people that are more than happy to talk about their goods, offer some cooking tips and even give you samples of their produce.

Even if you don’t plan to buy any produce from the stalls, there are lots of opportunities to engage with locals and also try out some prepared foods and baked goods. Just strolling around the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning is a great way to wake up and start your day.

Celebrate Bonita

Celebrate Bonita is an annual event held in Bonita Springs that features live music, great food, and delicious beverages. As the name suggests, the event is all about celebrating Bonita Springs, embracing the local culture and chatting with locals to learn more about their traditions and the beautiful city itself. Celebrate Bonita is a free event that everyone is welcome to join, but you might need to find parking a couple of blocks away from the main event location. You won’t be able to bring pets, but children are welcome and you’ll have to bring your own seating such as a blanket and folding chair.

Here are some of the things to look forward to at Celebrate Bonita.

  1. An exciting annual show with live music from a variety of different performers.
  2. Excellent selection of food and beverage stalls to sample local cuisine and national favorites alike.
  3. A friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you can engage with locals and learn more about Bonita Springs.
  4. A laid-back and casual experience that you can bring your kids to.

Since the event is completely free, there’s no reason for you not to visit! Much like many other annual events in Bonita Springs, the event takes place at Riverside Park which is an easy-to-access location. Again, we highly suggest that you rent holiday accommodation close to Riverside Park if you want to experience as many events as possible!

Celebrate Bonita is an event that is true to its name. Bonita Springs has a rich history and culture that has always been welcoming of tourists and outsiders. Bonita Springs itself offers wonderful cuisine, enriching entertainment and breathtaking views. With so much to explore, it’s no wonder that Bonita Springs is quickly becoming one of the most desirable destinations in Southwest Florida to visit. Celebrate Bonita condenses the spirit of Bonita Springs into a single event filled with music, food and friendly locals. If you only have time to attend a single annual event during your stay at Bonita Springs, then we highly suggest coming to Celebrate Bonita!

Bonita Springs Concert Band

If you can’t resist a free concert, then the Bonita Springs Concert Band is a free event that takes place at Riverside Park. The event always has featured guests and famous artists that will dazzle you with their outstanding performances. Whether it’s their original songs, renditions of pop hits from the likes of Abba or classic composers such as Johann Strauss, there’s a huge spectrum of different genres that they play at the Bonita Springs Concert Band event.

As with most events that take place at Riverside Park, you’re expected to bring your own lawn chair and blanket. There are plenty of places to get food before or after the event, so you don’t need to worry about feeling hungry! Rather than being an annual event, the Bonita Springs Concert Band plays throughout the year so it’s worth checking the Bonita Springs Concert Band website for upcoming performance dates and ticket purchases. If you want a relaxing and laid-back evening while enjoying some live music, then this is the place to be. This event is perfectly fine for children of all ages as well!

Star-Spangled Bonita

The 4th of July is a big event for all Americans, and in true Bonita Springs style, there’s an incredible event that takes place every year at Riverside Park for Independence Day. There are countless activities to take part in during Star-Spangled Bonita including a children’s amusement area, eating contests, traditional bed races, laser light shows and, of course, a spectacular fireworks show when the sun goes down. Star-Spangled Bonita is another one of the must-see events if you’re visiting Bonita Springs and we highly recommend experiencing Independence Day in true Bonita Springs style!

Here are some of the things you can look forward to during Star-Spangled Bonita.

  • A breathtaking event that brings in locals from all over Bonita Springs
  • A children’s amusement area with water slides, bounce house, and rides
  • Colorful parades and parties with live music
  • Laser shows and fireworks when the sun goes down
  • Exciting entertainment from local talent
  • Delicious food and beverages from the local area

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With over six million visitors around the world flocking to beautiful Southwest Florida every year, Bonita Springs is certainly one of the most desirable locations to visit. At Royal Shell, we’ve helped countless travelers escape from the ordinary to experience one-of-a-kind destinations such as Bonita Springs. We offer outstanding rental properties that can help you experience Bonita Springs up close and without hassle.

Our team of experienced and professional rental specialists knows the market in Bonita Springs better than any other company. They’re dedicated to offering a comprehensive service with around-the-clock support and outstanding communication. We focus on a boutique-style approach to our operations to ensure you can find the ideal rental for your needs.

So if you’re looking forward to taking part in the annual Bonita Springs events, do it free of hassle and in style by finding the perfect Bonita Springs rental with Royal Shell. Simply contact us for more information or if you need assistance planning your vacation rental.

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